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The Custom Home Guide contains an abundance of plans & images. It offers unique designs to help you design the home of your dreams. The Custom Home Guide provokes thought and motivates the designer in all of us.


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Post and Beam addition getting started

PAN ABODE Cedar Homes has been producing home designs and material packages since 1952. We understand that a home designed and built in 50's will have different features as compared to those built only a few years ago. 

Our Architectural staff can assist you in creating virtually any style addition or expansion you wish. Whether your home is a PAN ABODE or not, we can create the atmosphere that only a PAN ABODE Cedar Home can provide.

Our specialty is quality materials. We can provide you with virtually all of the materials you may need. Ranging from cedar siding and moldings, custom doors and windows, to sunrooms and skywalls.

If you own one of our distinctive homes, who better to design and supply materials than PAN ABODE? If your existing structure is not one of ours, than who better to show you how to make it a PAN ABODE? Renowned for prestige, and appreciative value for years to come!

Post and Beam addition to a non-Pan Abode Home.

Post and Beam Addition Prow framing.
Finished Post and Beam Addition.