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The Custom Home Guide contains an abundance of plans & images. It offers unique designs to help you design the home of your dreams. The Custom Home Guide provokes thought and motivates the designer in all of us.


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PAN ABODE is known world-wide for it's beautiful homes, but did you know we also design commercial structures? The Denali River lodges of Alaska, Restaurants, Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Buildings of Worship, Medical facilities, Computer Labs, Office Buildings, Strip Malls, and hundreds of National Park Service buildings to name just a few.

PAN ABODE has been supplying high end commercial projects for many years now. Because of PAN ABODE's advanced architectural design experience, high quality material procurement ability, and material consolidation & Shipping experience, PAN ABODE is recognized as an economical alternative on commercial projects.

PAN ABODE offers a comprehensive design strategy to commercial building design. As a structure supplier, we work directly with on site professionals to ensure consistent design and material logic so your labor crew in utilized effectively. PAN ABODE can either employ our industry recognized "Systemized Building technology" to minimize on site labor, develop a custom building design and material specification to match your desires, or work directly with your design professional to ensure that the finished product far surpasses what you planned for.

Regardless of the size or style, the common denominators of every PAN ABODE project are meticulous design, manufacturing craftsmanship, personal service, product quality, and the beauty of wood. In addition, there are distinct advantages to working with PAN ABODE's structural systems approach to construction:

  1. Custom design & construction plans development are included.
  2. State of the art engineered components are utilized at our customer's direction.
  3. Materials are quality assured.
  4. Materials are net or precision sized and grouped for an efficient construction process.
  5. Supply logistics are consolidated and managed in a systematic process.
  6. Job site savings in labor and time are realized (fewer people, less skill, less time).
  7. Job site waste and disposal are minimized (materials net or precision sized).
  8. Maximum cost control achieved (material price lock, fewer project variables).

These advantages add up to greater project control, faster project completion, and reduced project finance costs.

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