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The Custom Home Guide contains an abundance of plans & images. It offers unique designs to help you design the home of your dreams. The Custom Home Guide provokes thought and motivates the designer in all of us.


NEW ZEALAND: Solid Wood home interior comfort and R-Value.
40,000 NZ home owners were right all along. Many people who have lived in solid wood houses comment on how warm and comfortable they are. This is in spite of these houses having walls with a low R value. A group of companies wanting to promote solid wood buildings asked Dr Larry Bellamy of University of Canterbury and Don Mackenzie from Lincoln University to research why these houses performed better than their R values indicated. The results of this work was quite a surprise to the researchers ,… ...

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THERMAL MASS: Why is wood better than other mass materials?
Thermal Mass refers to materials that have the capacity to store heat (thermal energy).

* If the properties of a Thermal Mass material allow it to effectively absorb heat from a source and then release the heat slowly over a period of time, then the Thermal Mass can be effectively used in a structure to spread heat from the time the source is available to periods when the source is not available. In this form the Thermal Mass can mitigate high and low temperatures to help maintain a comfortable… ...

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Oregon Paleo Lands Institute
Oregon Paleo Lands Institute Field Center is located in their new Field Center, designed by Pan Abode Homes, in the town of Fossil, at the heart of the John Day River area in Central Oregon. The tributary network of the John Day River Basin has cut the high desert terrain
exposing millions of years in layers of geologic history. In 2003, a group of Paleontologists discovered part of a large skull in Cretaceous-period rocks near Mitchell, Oregon. It belonged to a Plesiosaur ~ a 25-foot long marine… ...

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How Wood Products help slow Global Warming
Building Green
By: Marcel LaPerriere
Pan Abode Representative - Sitka, AK

Sorting fact from hype is not always easy. Building green is no exception. Over the last couple of years I have been doing a fair bit of research on building green both because I think it is the right thing to do and because I'm working with several clients who want to build green. Recently I was working with a woman who had a very nice modern home designed. The architect was encouraging her to build this home using steel.… ...

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Pan Abode Introduces the R-34 Energy Wall "ADV"
In response to our customers desires in more thermally demanding environments and to meet the more stringent code requirements, Pan Abode introduces another innovative Timber Wall building System with the most energy performance ability yet.... the Phoenix Timber Energy Wall "ADV".

Whether its your building environment or to meet the New IECC (International Energy Conservation Code), the installation of additional insulation may be appropriate or required. For this the advanced thermal Phoenix… ...

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Pan Abode Utilizes Wood From Certified Sustained Yield Forests
The forest products industry does more than just plant and harvest trees. As foresters, wood products companies follow rigorous standards and forest practices to protect the trees, soil, air, water and wildlife. As a result, there is significantly more wildlife in western forests than found by Louis & Clark when they made their trek across our country. And, forest growth in the U.S. has exceeded harvest continually since the 1940s. The U.S. forest inventory has actually increased by over 39 percent… ...

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Build Green! Wood & PAN ABODE Cedar Homes.
Natural resources fuel the building industry, and many of the materials used deplete those resources at an accelerating rate. The world is becoming more conscious of how human actions can impact the planet. The best emerging choice is wood, a sustainable resource. With proper management, wood can supply our needs for generations while new young forests absorb more carbon dioxide and release more oxygen than old forest reserves.
Pan abode draws from these reserves and also with the implementation… ...

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