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We assume all structures built in the US must meet the minimum standard insulating system requirements as stated by the International Building Code (IBC) in regards to energy use & structural standards. Our standard specifications are based on that.

If you desire a Kit Package estimate based on specifications that do not take Energy Usage Requirements into account, choose Cabin Kit Package specifications.

Pricing Option Standard
Kit Package Specifications (Meets all structural and energy codes required by your local US building codes; IBC compliant)
Kit Package Specifications, (For structures built in Tropic locations where various materials are treated for decay and insects resistance, and structural material net sizes are sized for regional requirements) ex: Hawaii, Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, Northern South America, etc.
"Cabin Kit"
Package Specifications, (Temporary Use Structures) For smaller Structures 1000 square feet or less that will not be used as a full time habitable structure having to meet local Building Code requirements for insulation systems. Still meets IBC structural requirements.

If you have special pricing requirements we need to know about, please include a brief description in the message field below. Location of estimate request structure is also helpful to ensure we provide an accurate quote.


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