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~“After doing a bit of research on different options for cabin kits, we chose PAN ABODE for their long standing reputation and great reviews. They delivered on every aspect of what they offered, from great communication through the entire process to detailed plans and instructions to the highest quality materials! We couldn’t be happier with our experience with PAN ABODE and would highly recommend their product!” ...  Michael & Melisa Lapping, Seeley Lake MT.~

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PAN ABODE provides Custom Home Design & Plans, Premuim Building "Kit" Materials & Coordinates Shipping to your site

Let PAN ABODE ensure the Quality and Design of your New Custom Cedar Home so You or your Builder won't have to!
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PAN ABODE Cedar Homes will Design your New Custom Cedar Home Kit, ensure exacting quality of your building kit materials and Ship them to your site. Discover the Advantage of Systemized Building with choice of several different Building Systems to suit your Appeal and logistical needs. Choose from Solid Cedar "Stack-up" Timber or Post and Beam Home Building Kits to achieve the Style and Lifestyle you desire.

A PAN ABODE Home utilizes the timeless beauty of Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir. Our Home’s and Cabin’s embrace the warmth of wood construction “Kit” systems coupled with Traditional Joinery, Modern Styles & Methods, Expansive open rooms and Walls of Glass to environmentally connect your Custom Cedar Home with your Unique Building Site.

Browse our Floor Plan Collection or use one of your own. Request for a Custom Cedar Home Estimate is easy and free. We will provide an accurate estimate based on one of our Standard Building Systems you choose. Our Estimate will be for the "Dried-in" structural shell of your new Cedar Home or Cabin. Additional Options and Materials available upon request.

PAN ABODE Building Systems

Post & Beam

True "Post & Beam"! Don't be fooled by Post and Beam imitations offered by other suppliers. The Post and Beam Home Building System is the most popular choice in custom cedar home construction. PAN ABODE's designers will make your custom home dreams come true. The Post and Beam Building System features a rich combination of Western Red Cedar cladding and expansive rooms created with vaulted cathedral ceilings, large exposed Glulam Douglas Fir Beams and Walls of Glass. Make this system anything you want with endless possibilities of elements and styles. 

Phoenix Timber

A sophisticated stacked timber system rivaled by no one! The Phoenix Timber Building System is a contemporary solid-timber cedar home building system featuring kiln-dried, laminated Western Red Cedar wall timbers and laminated hand-finished Douglas Fir columns and beams. Timbers and logs are joined in a corner-post fashion by a Phoenix Column Timber connector. The Phoenix Timber Building System is the strongest wood building system in the world and may be the easiest to construct.

D-Log Timber

The Phoenix Timber Building System reborn with a rounded exterior Log profile! With the Phoenix D-Log Timber Building System you get the aesthetic appeal of a log home, with all the modern engineering of a PAN ABODE Cedar Home. The D-Log is the ultimate in custom cedar log home building systems. Cedar log home members are more structurally stable than Fir, Spruce, or Pine logs that can twist and check. A PAN ABODE D-Log home is truly exceptionally engineered and presented.

Classic Timber

Rustic refined stacked timber elegance! The Classic Timber system is the original PAN ABODE Cedar Homes Timber Building System created by a Danish cabinet-maker in 1940's. The Classic Timber Building System features solid, air-dried Western Red Cedar timbers that are precision-milled and hand-finished. The cedar timber wall members are interlocked together utilizing the time tested technique of the "Classic Notch". These Classic timber cedar homes are found tucked away in many corners of the world and are a lasting testament to the durability of this timeless cedar home building system.

Haiti Rebuilding Projects Blog

PAN ABODE Cedar Homes is proud to participate in the rebuiding efforts after the Haiti EarthQuake of 2010. Keep up with the progress of new dwellings being built on sites devistated by the event.

Free Custom Home Design & Pricing Consultation

PAN ABODE Cedar Homes offers a free custom home design and pricing consultation service for those intrigued by the fact that PAN ABODE Cedar Homes can custom design your new dream home. Take advantage of our experienced design staff to make your dreams come true! Choose and modify one of our standard plans, or supply us with your own plan or sketch and PAN ABODE will furnish free price estimating and design ideas.

Cabins and Vacation Homes

PAN ABODE Cedar Homes has Building Systems that are perfect for Cabin construction. Our systems are easily assembled and ideal for the Sportsman do-it-yourselfer. Packages come bundled and ready to erect. Building plans and guides are fully explanitory and come with full technical support.

Building Products

PAN ABODE Cedar Homes offers a wide variety of building products for not only our family of PAN ABODE customers to maintain their homes, but also the public. Choose from High quality Cedar Home siding, accent accessories, and advanced coating options to name a few.

Dealership Opportunities

PAN ABODE Cedar Homes offers viable dealership opportunities for qualified individuals looking for a rewarding entrepreneurial experience with a Leader in the Cedar Home, Post and Beam, Timber-Log Home Systemized Housing Market. PAN ABODE Cedar Homes provides leadership and partnership guidance to ensure a successful experience for our dealers on the continent or abroad.

Mighty Cabanas & Sheds

Pre cut Utility "Play House" Structures and Sheds built from Solid Wood. 

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What's New

Pan Abode Introduces the R-34 Energy Wall "ADV"

In response to our customers desires in more thermally demanding environments and to meet the more stringent code requirements, Pan Abode introduces another innovative Timber Wall building System with the most energy performance ability yet.... the Phoenix Timber Energy Wall "ADV". Whether its your…

Oregon Paleo Lands Institute

Oregon Paleo Lands Institute Field Center is located in their new Field Center, designed by Pan Abode Homes, in the town of Fossil, at the heart of the John Day River area in Central Oregon. The tributary network of the John Day River Basin has cut the high desert terrain exposing millions of years…

How Wood Products help slow Global Warming

Building Green By: Marcel LaPerriere Pan Abode Representative - Sitka, AK Sorting fact from hype is not always easy. Building green is no exception. Over the last couple of years I have been doing a fair bit of research on building green both because I think it is the right thing to do and because…

Pan Abode Utilizes Wood From Certified Sustained Yield Forests

The forest products industry does more than just plant and harvest trees. As foresters, wood products companies follow rigorous standards and forest practices to protect the trees, soil, air, water and wildlife. As a result, there is significantly more wildlife in western forests than found by Louis…

Build Green! Wood & PAN ABODE Cedar Homes.

Natural resources fuel the building industry, and many of the materials used deplete those resources at an accelerating rate. The world is becoming more conscious of how human actions can impact the planet. The best emerging choice is wood, a sustainable resource. With proper management, wood can supply…

NEW ZEALAND: Solid Wood home interior comfort and R-Value.

40,000 NZ home owners were right all along. Many people who have lived in solid wood houses comment on how warm and comfortable they are. This is in spite of these houses having walls with a low R value. A group of companies wanting to promote solid wood buildings asked Dr Larry Bellamy of University…

THERMAL MASS: Why is wood better than other mass materials?

Thermal Mass refers to materials that have the capacity to store heat (thermal energy). * If the properties of a Thermal Mass material allow it to effectively absorb heat from a source and then release the heat slowly over a period of time, then the Thermal Mass can be effectively used in a structure…

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